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Much like old-timer tales of walking to school uphill both ways, it can seem like Chinook salmon in the Central Valley have to swim uphill both ways when migrating to and from the ocean. It’s no secret that young salmon and steelhead face a formidable obstacle course when trying to exit the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta toward the Pacific Ocean. A maze...
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Fall Chinook Action Begins on the Lower Rogue
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, JUNE 16, 2018

Rogue River

I know it's not fall yet, so the phrase 'fall Chinook' on the lower Rogue seems to be an oxymoron.  That's because a lot of the fish that are caught in the summer are bound to spawn in the fall. John Anderson, a Gold Beach guide on the Rogue River told me that for him, the fantastic fall Chinook action last...
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The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) announce a portion of the coast is closed for razor clamming as domoic acid levels have risen above the closure limit. Razor clamming is now closed from Cascade Head to the north jetty of the Umpqua River and closed from Cape Arago to the California border. This includes all beaches and...
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Nice afternoon in Cassel
by Gary Heffley, JUNE 15, 2018
Cassel Forebay

Some call the area Middle Hat Creek (including the hatchery planting reports), while others know this stretch of water as Cassel Forebay. But, by whatever name you wish to use, some good trout fishing is on tap for the area. I took the opportunity to visit there and landed 3 nice fish, including a couple of rainbows nearing 2 pounds and...
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Leave young wildlife in the wild
by ODFW, JUNE 15, 2018

Put it back. That’s the advice you’re likely to hear if you bring a young wild animal home to “take care of it”—and you might get a warning or citation from Oregon State Police, too. Oregon’s deer and elk give birth from May through July and many other wildlife species also bear their young at this time of year. It’s natural...
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Poor returns of spring Chinook salmon, combined with low flows, and potentially elevated water temperatures has prompted the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to close the Trask River Hatchery Hole to all fishing, effective June 18 -Oct. 15. The Hatchery Hole is a popular section of the Trask River. The closure area extends 200 feet above and 900 feet below...
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