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Shasta Valley Wildlife Area, Siskiyou County
The dark spot at the base of gill plate distinguishes this species from other panfish.


An adult female cougar was shot and killed by wildlife officials at approximately. 3:15 p.m. today on the Hunchback Mtn Trail Area of Mt. Hood National Forest. The cougar’s carcass is now being transported by Oregon State Police to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory in Ashland. The laboratory will analyze evidence from the cougar killed today and compare it with...
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Portion of coast closes to razor clamming
SEPTEMBER 15, 2018
Umpqua River

The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announce the closure of razor clam harvesting from the Umpqua River to the California border. Recent shellfish samples taken from the area indicate levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid have risen above the alert level. Razor clamming remains open from Tillamook Head to the Umpqua River. Razor...
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The Fish and Wildlife Commission met Friday, Sept. 14 in Bandon at the Bandon Community Center, 1200 W 11th Street SW. The meeting began at 8 a.m. and followed this agenda. Director Melcher opened the meeting with an expression of sympathy for family and friends of Diana Bober, the hiker who lost her life in a cougar attack near Mt. Hood. The Commission adopted big game...
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To help reduce collisions, Caltrans and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife remind motorists to be on the lookout during Watch Out for Wildlife Week, which runs Sept. 16 – 22. “With every project we build, we look for innovative ways to protect drivers and wildlife,” said Caltrans Director Laurie Berman. “That can be as simple as installing flashing warning...
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Rascally Raccoons
by CDFW, SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Question: My neighbor has been feeding the stray cats in the neighborhood, and now the raccoons have been coming to eat the cat food. Recently the raccoons have been coming out during the day. There are many children in the area and I fear someone will get hurt. Many people also walk their dogs in the area. Do you have advice? (Carmen) Answer: Unfortunately,...
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No cougar scent or sign was detected today by trackers in the field near the site where a cougar is believed to have killed Mt. Hood hiker Diana Bober. The search began off the Hunchback Mountain Trailhead around 6:30 a.m. Two USDA Wildlife Services personnel rode mules for about 9 miles accompanied by four dogs trained to pick up cougar scent. No scent...
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