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Tule Lake NWR, Modoc County
Healthy sandhill cranes have nothing to fear from coyotes when they can simply jump into the sky.


The novel and rapidly evolving challenges of global climate change will test the adaptability of all species, and some will be hit harder than others. Identifying the species and populations most vulnerable to climate change is critical to target restoration and adaptation efforts for those closest to the brink. With this in mind, climate vulnerability assessments, which are an effective method...
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Fishing Are Still Biting
by Valerie Aubrey, NOVEMBER 8, 2019
Eagle Lake

Yep. The fish are still biting!! Most were 9-12ft deep over deep water but still had 2 in tight and shallow. Water temps vary. I had as low as 43F and as high as 48F. Gorgeous day.
Sacramento River Trout on Fire
by Gary Heffley, NOVEMBER 7, 2019
Sacramento River

Wild, beautiful and hard fighting rainbow trout are on tap for anglers fishing the Redding area on the Sacramento River. Lou Hubert and  I had the opportunity to fish with Tom Phillips, Big Tom's Guide Service of Redding yesterday and had an outstanding day of fly fishing from Tom's drift boat. Tom had us on trout throughout the day, drifting from...
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Quality Start to The Dungeness Crab Season
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Typically, the start of the sport crab season can go two ways. If the crabs are abundant, the meat content is usually on the lighter side. If there are fewer crabs around, they are typically heavier and in better shape. This is all due to their food source – lots of crabs equals less food for them to divide, fewer...
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Bustin’ Berms: The Restoration of Tule Red

The effort broke ground in the fall of 2016, but restoring the wetland wasn’t as simple as knocking down a wall. The project partners worked with Westervelt Ecological Services and Great Lakes Environmental and Infrastructure to rework berms and create new channels and basins in order to convey the water moved by the tides and effectively restore a functioning tidal habitat. The team hoped that...
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Eagle Lake Conditions
by Valerie Aubrey, NOVEMBER 3, 2019
Eagle Lake

Skim ice starting to show up in spalding ramp but it’s workable until it’s not. Lol. High temps of the day 49-54F & a light breeze overnight will help keep it working. 19F this morning, warmer than the last 2days at 7F & 15F respectively. It is just a matter of time. The skim ice can come and go too...
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