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Woodley Island Marina, Humboldt County
Dawn always brings the promise of a new day but dawn over a marina brings hopes of a good catch.


Even When Fishing is Slow.....
by Gary Heffley, APRIL 13, 2019
Baum Lake

Most everything in the Hat Creek / Burney area is gearing towards the traditional trout season opening on the last Saturday of the month.  Even though Baum Lake is open year round there tends to be a lull in fishing this time of year as stocking the lake during March and early April is held back. There is a big...
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Salmon Season Opens Saturday at The Cove
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, APRIL 11, 2019

It’s finally getting to be that time of the year again as the North Coast recreational salmon season will kick-off this Saturday from Horse Mtn. south to Point Arena, which includes the Shelter Cove and Fort Bragg areas. Large numbers of salmon, 274,222 Klamath and 379,632 Sacramento are said to be swimming in the ocean, which brings with it loads...
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San Joaquin River Restoration Program: Restoration Flows Resume on San Joaquin River
by Chris "Maven" Austin, APRIL 9, 2019
San Joaquin River

Starting April 5, 2019, Restoration Flows began again in the San Joaquin River Restoration Area. Friant Dam had been managed for flood control since March 15, 2019, precluding the release of Restoration Flows. However, because flood releases into the San Joaquin River are no longer necessary for reservoir management, Restoration Flows have now resumed. Water users should be aware that diversions...
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Pine Creek Update
by Valerie Aubrey, APRIL 9, 2019
Eagle Lake

Pine Creek at over 900cfs this afternoon. Target was 500cfs. Keep up this flow and things will move up faster!! Come on baby!  
Sport Salmon Season Opens
by GGSA Staff, APRIL 9, 2019

The sport salmon ocean fishery opened Saturday April 6 from Pigeon Point in southern San Mateo County, south to the Mexican border.  Sport anglers concentrated their efforts out of the Monterey Bay ports of Santa Cruz, Moss Landing and Monterey.  The salmon were there to greet them with many boats reporting back with limits of salmon ranging from five to...
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State of the San Lorenzo Marks 40 Years of Santa Cruz Conservation
by FISHBIO, APRIL 8, 2019
San Lorenzo River

Flowing directly through the heart of Santa Cruz, California, the San Lorenzo River serves as a vital water source for people, fish, and numerous other animals and plants that call the region home. Locals have long understood the ecological and economic importance of this coastal stream, and the San Lorenzo was one of the first rivers in California to have...
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