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Clear Lake, Lake County
Bass fishing is a very popular sport but only a handful of anglers manage to catch the big ones.


Weekend Rain Could Kickstart Coastal King Season
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, OCTOBER 8, 2020

As the fall salmon season begins to wind down on the Klamath River, salmon anglers will no doubt turn their attention to the late-fall coastal salmon runs. The Smith, Chetco and Eel rivers will take center stage for the next couple months. That is if we get some timely rain. The last few years, consistently targeting kings on any of...
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Dry summers are a hallmark of Mediterranean climates, and animals in such regions have adapted to tolerate and even take advantage of this seasonal pattern. However, from California to South Africa to Australia, climate change is leading to more frequent drought in these already dry areas. Although climatological data make it possible to predict changing patterns in drought occurrence, predicting the resulting impacts on aquatic...
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Klamath Seeing a Solid Return of Kings
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, OCTOBER 1, 2020

Since just after Labor Day weekend, the Klamath River has been king salmon central. The rivers been plugged with jacks (2-year old males), along with some hefty adults. The run started a little late this year, likely due to unusually high water temperatures. Smoke-filled skies, shielding the water from the bright sun, finally began cooling the water just enough and...
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Closing For The Season
by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff, SEPTEMBER 28, 2020
Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing has come to the difficult decision to close for the season. With the hot and very dry weather, we don’t foresee the Forest Service opening the forest next week and that would be just about when we would be closing. We are also still getting a lot of smoke up at the Lake – doesn’t make...
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Whether crewing a large commercial fishing vessel, managing ponds at a fish farm, or setting artisanal fishing traps, the faces of fisheries and aquaculture are nearly as varied as the fish themselves. A recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) provided an update on the current state of fisheries and aquaculture around the world. As...
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Eagle Lake Fishing Report
by Valerie Aubrey, SEPTEMBER 26, 2020
Eagle Lake

Topline hot orange trolling fly 12-35ft of water. Eagle Lake Trout x4 outta 8 tags. Tags on Tui chub but orange was the producer. Water column temp 64.7F on the surface 64.4 on the bottom at 60ft. Visibility about 40”. ...
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