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South Jetty, Humboldt County
Fishing in the dolos can be challenging. Bring a long handled gaff and a lot of gear.


Antelope Lake Fishing Report
by Valerie Aubrey, FEBRUARY 19, 2020
Antelope Lake

Antelope lake. Probably still 10% ice but very doable. Ramp was open today. Dock was in the water. Released 2 missed 5. Mike (my yak partner) did well too. 37.7-39.2F surface temperature. High ambient reached 38F. Yummy cold water fatties. Throwing & trolling rainbow trout 2” flicker shad & rainbow Thomas buoyant. Gold with red got a few. But the...
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Similar to the variety of relationships that play out in our homes and workplaces, many of the interactions between species sharing the same space can influence the state of their environment. Positive interactions are those in which organisms cooperate in a way that provides a net benefit to at least one participant. Mutualism, facilitation, and commensalism are all examples of...
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Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, FEBRUARY 16, 2020

Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir

I am already seeing daffodils blooming, big leaf maple trees with sap flowing and fruit tree buds swelling. These are all signs of spring. SOOO, I ask again “Is winter over”? It has been suggested that we are going into a drought again because of the snow pack in the sierras is so low for this time of year. Just...
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Steelhead fishing rolls on despite lack of rain
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, FEBRUARY 13, 2020

While the lack of rain on the North Coast has some steelhead anglers looking elsewhere for green water, there are a few local bright spots. Especially if you like to throw on a pair of waders and head to the river bar. The Mad River was as good last weekend as it’s been all year. With plenty of bank access,...
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10th Anniversary GSSA Santa Rosa Dinner!
by GGSA Staff, FEBRUARY 11, 2020

Salmon season will be here before we know it! Join your fellow fishermen and women to toast the eve of the salmon season on Friday, April 3, 2020. The GSSA Santa Rosa dinner is our biggest opportunity to raise money to continue our work on California salmon runs and the watersheds they rely on. You don’t want to miss the...
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Ocean fishing often steals the spotlight in terms of its perceived importance in world fisheries conversation. This means many people don’t realize the true value of inland, or freshwater, fisheries, especially for rural populations in underdeveloped countries where it is difficult to access ocean resources. Lack of knowledge about the state and function of inland fisheries can contribute to declining...
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