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Lower Klamath NWR, Siskiyou County
The spots on a butterfly wing are not random but help identify this as a California tortoiseshell.


Fishing Continues to Be Very Good
by Valerie Aubrey, NOVEMBER 18, 2019
Eagle Lake

Fishing continues to be very good. Pikes Pt & the jetty doing good from shore. Christie has been slow. Boats finding fish trolling from pikes to camp Ron McD to Eagle’s Nest from 4-5ft deep to 9-14ft deep. A few scattered on the west side but we found em in tight and shallow fly casting small nymphs yesterday. 3.5lb average...
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Pacific salmon fisheries management is driven by efforts to predict the future. These predictions are known as preseason abundance forecasts, and prediction inaccuracies can have major impacts on fish populations and fisheries. However, few evaluations have been conducted on just how reliable these ecological forecasts are. Relationships between an environmental variable and an ecosystem response (like salmon abundance) may follow a pattern, but...
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Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir

There are salmon and steelhead down in the Hoopa Valley but none up river! By now there should be lots of fish in the Upper Trinity but no one has been able to find them. There are Redds, but not as many as usual in the Lewiston to Helena section of the river. This year’s (2019) salmon return was 2016 and...
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Fly Fishing Drift Trip on The Sacramento River
by Gary Heffley, NOVEMBER 14, 2019
Sacramento River - Lower

Fishing with friends always provides for a great day on the water, add in some big trout and the superlatives can get pretty heady.  Epic, memorable, outstanding... pick one or just incorporate all or choose one of your own.   Tuesday proved to be one of those days not soon forgotten as I joined good friend and guide Lou Hubert and...
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Late Fall Kings – And Anglers – Waiting on Rain
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, NOVEMBER 14, 2019

The wait for rainfall has been nothing short of grueling for coastal salmon anglers chomping at the bit to drift the Smith, Chetco or Eel. Humboldt and Del Norte Counties have been bone dry since mid-October, when enough rain fell to put all the local rivers on the rise. Though the parched ground soaked up a lot of the moisture,...
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Eagle Lake Angler Report
by Valerie Aubrey, NOVEMBER 11, 2019
Eagle Lake

First kayak fishing lesson for my sister. She’s hooked! 9ft deep, 2” rainbow trout flicker shad on braid w/mono leader on the west side. 14-49ft of water. Tanks. ...
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