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Lower Klamath NWR, Siskiyou County
The spots on a butterfly wing are not random but help identify this as a California tortoiseshell.


The San Francisco Bay-Delta is among the most intensively studied ecosystems in the world. Numerous long-term fisheries monitoring programs have been conducted there since the late 1950s, but differences in the methods, scope, spatial coverage, and timing of these surveys make it difficult to compare and combine the data collected. As a result, researchers often rely on data from only...
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Lake Sabrina Fishing Report
by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff, AUGUST 2, 2020
Lake Sabrina

We were to receive a stocking from Wright’s Rainbow out of Idaho this past week,  but our California Fish and WildLife department nixed the stocking so they could test it for bacteria – so we’re trying to bring you fish, but . . . . . . . . . . Seems fishing around the rockpiles, the rockslide on the back...
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Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, AUGUST 2, 2020

It appears that the “Dog Days of Summer” are still with us. They started early and have come back again. I do not know what to say but it seems as though we are experiencing a change in the weather. We usually have a week or two of HOT (In the 100’s) weather around the middle of July and then...
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Shelter Cove Gets The Tuna Season Started
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, JULY 30, 2020

The warm tuna water came within reach of the Shelter Cove fleet, and anglers jumped at the chance to bring the season’s first albacore over the rails. Captain Jake Mitchell of Sea Hawk Sport Fishing out of Shelter Cove targeted tuna on Sunday and Monday and caught fish both days. “We ran outside the Vizcaino Knoll on Sunday where we...
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Fishing Continues to Be Awesome
by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff, JULY 27, 2020
Lake Sabrina

A quick, but very sincere THANK YOU to all who have visited the Lake this year and put up with the wearing of masks, the distancing of six feet, the one group in the store at the time and the lack of stockings, we truly appreciate you.  Fishing continues to be awesome, it’s the catching that leaves something to be desired...
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Tonle Sap Lake is unique in its status as Southeast Asia’s largest natural inland lake and largest wetland area. This biodiverse water body has the capacity to sustain almost 300 fish species, and contributes to the health and prosperity of over 15 million Cambodians. The benefits of Tonle Sap fishes to human communities above the water is well understood, but...
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