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You don’t have to own hiking boots or a fishing pole, or have a degree in environmental science to help wildlife. A click of your mouse or a stroke of your pen can help the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) protect—or even save—California’s native sea otters and other rare, threatened and endangered animal and plant species. When you prepare...
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Is a Photo of My Fishing License Good Enough?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, FEBRUARY 15, 2018

Question: I have a picture of my current fishing license and hunting license on my phone (as well as my driver’s license). That shows all of the legal stamps, stars and stripes that might be required for what I am doing legally. As far as a game warden is concerned, would that work as proof that I have a license? It...
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ODFW Recreation Report Highlights
by ODFW, FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Best bets for free fishing weekend (Feb. 17-18) Lingcod fishing has been “melt-your-face-off-hot” on the Oregon coast Mid-February is when winter steelhead fishing really starts picking up on the Clackamas and Sandy rivers. So if you haven’t been out yet, this would be a good weekend to start. Coos County beaches have been giving up redtail surfperch when the surf conditions allow.  Fly-fishers will...
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Are You Ready For the Adventure of a Lifetime?
by George Parker, FEBRUARY 12, 2018

If you are between the ages of 18 and 25 and think you might enjoy an entire summer of living out of a backpack and working trails in the mountains you love, there is still time for you to apply for the CCC/AmeriCorps Backcountry Trails Program. The application deadline is February 15. The Backcountry Trails Program has been run annually by...
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California and other Western states will be grappling with long-term water issues related to infrastructure, clean drinking water systems and watershed restoration, among other concerns. FOR THE NEXT few months much of the talk around water issues in California and the rest of the Western United States will be about how much precipitation falls, the water content of the snowpack and how temperatures...
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My Old Friend
The Outdoor Edge
by Don Webster, FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Just about all outdoor men and women have a few, favorite items they've kept over the years, things that for one reason or another, seem to hang around for a long time.  There are reasons for this. First, the item is obviously useful. Secondly, it has been made well, and has been able to endure the ravages of countless treks afield....
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