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On February 16, friends, associates, fellow fishermen, and dignitaries gathered at the Bodega Marine Lab in Bodega Bay to honor lifelong salmon fisherman and salmon advocate Victor Gonella with a Salmon Conservation Lifetime Achievement Award. Gonella also received recognition from the US House of Representatives and the California State Legislature for outstanding contributions to conservation of California king salmon. Victor Gonella is the...
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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking qualified applicants to fill two soon to be vacant positions on the Fish Restoration and Enhancement (R and E) Program Board. Interested individuals must apply by March 31, 2019. One position represents sport fishing interests and the other represents salmon troll fishing interests on the R and E Board. The ideal Sport Fishing...
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While polar bears are often the face of climate change vulnerability, freshwater fish may face just as many or even greater challenges from a shifting climate. Freshwater fish are already among the most imperiled animals on the planet, and climate change represents a major threat to the numerous ecological, cultural, and economic benefits that fish provide. In addition, freshwater habitats such...
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New Regulations for Spring Salmon
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Trinity River

At the Feb. 6th California Fish and Game Commission meeting, the Karuk Tribe and the Salmon River Restoration Council submitted a petition to the Commission suggesting that declining population trends and a low abundance of the Spring Run Chinook salmon makes them vulnerable to extinction. Once a petition for listing a species is presented and accepted by the Commission, emergency...
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Cost for Short Lobster Citation?
by CDFW, FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Question: I was lobster fishing recently and didn’t realize until I was pulling up my hoop nets that I’d left my measuring gauge in the car by mistake. I was sure that the lobster I caught was of legal size, but when the game warden measured it, it was short. I am worried how much this is going to cost...
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) invites the public to attend its upcoming annual Salmon Information Meeting. The meeting will feature the outlook for this year’s sport and commercial ocean salmon fisheries, in addition to a review of last year’s salmon fisheries and spawning escapement. The meeting will be held Wednesday, Feb. 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m....
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