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Understanding How Fish Deal with Drought
by FISHBIO, AUGUST 19, 2019

Drought is a frightening word for any creature that lives in water. Aquatic animals in regions like California that have historically experienced frequent droughts have evolved remarkable adaptations to dealing with dry conditions. However, the duration, severity, and frequency of droughts are all increasing as a result of ongoing climate change and an increased human demand for water, leaving even drought-hardened species struggling...
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Trinity River Fishing Report
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, AUGUST 18, 2019

Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir

RIVER CLOSURES: The Tribal Ceremonies are now being done on the Mid-Klamath which will cause some river access closures. Please respect these areas for the short time access will be restricted; Aug. 11th to Aug. 20th Near Orleans to Camp Creek;  Aug. 26th to Sept. 4th Near Somes Bar.  Hoopa Weir; I hope to attend the next meeting in Hoopa to the meeting about how the weir will...
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Epic Week of Tuna Fishing for the North Coast
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, AUGUST 15, 2019

And what a week it was! The onslaught began last Wednesday out of Crescent City and didn’t let up until Tuesday afternoon. From Fort Bragg to Brookings, and every port in between, boats loaded up on the tuna. Scores were all over the board, from high teens up to seventy for some boats. The numbers, however, seemed irrelevant. The best...
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A Nice Way to Beat The Valley Heat
by Gary Heffley, AUGUST 15, 2019
Baum Lake

With Redding temperatures topping triple digits even a ten degree drop can be welcomed relief. And with afternoon temperatures projected at just 90 degrees in the Burney Area a quick drive to Baum Lake to sample some trout fishing seemed like a good idea. Along with my neighbor “Coach” John Jones, we took a leisurely drive up Highways 44 and 89...
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Free Kids Fishing Saturday
by Gary Heffley, AUGUST 14, 2019
Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery

This Saturday August 17, the final free kids fishing day event will be held at the Mt Shasta Fish Hatchery located just west of the town of Mt Shasta and Highway 5.  Last month over 535 young anglers participated and caught some nice trout  during the July event sponsored through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and many supporting...
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Trinity River Fishing Report - August 10,, 2019
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, AUGUST 10, 2019

Trinity River

RIVER IS STILL DIRTY The River Restoration project above Junction City is still providing lots of turbidity for that area of the river and makes for bad fishing. Will it do to or for any in-river spawning? Years ago, before the Dam the mining turned the river into a “river of mud” but the salmon had plenty of clean up-stream area to...
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