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Are Ducks In Heaven?
The Outdoor Edge
by Don Webster, APRIL 19, 2017

Author’s Note: Inevitably, this time of year causes me to reminisce about the many great experiences I've had in the outdoors, many of which were spent in the marshes with friends. I'd like to share a chapter from my book, "Bury Me In My Waders" - An Old Duck Hunter Recalls His Fowl Past.] The first time I ran into Dudley...
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ODFW Weekly Recreational Report
by ODFW, APRIL 12, 2017

First of several Free Fishing Days will take place April 22-23 Anglers and would-be anglers can enjoy a weekend of free fishing on April 22-23. On these two days, Oregonians and visitors can fish, crab and clam for free anywhere in Oregon without a license, tag or endorsement. This is the first of eight free fishing days in Oregon this year....
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ODFW releases its 2016 Wolf Annual Report and a Draft Revised Wolf Management Plan. Find both documents at ODFW’s Wolf webpage ( These documents will be presented (for information only, not adoption) at the upcoming Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting on April 21 in Klamath Falls. The draft Plan will also be presented at a second Commission meeting on May 19 at the Embassy Suites Portland Airport. Public...
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is now accepting applications for a limited number of deer and pig hunt access permits on opening weekend, Aug. 12–13, 2017 in Zone A for the general season. The locations for this hunt include Upper and Lower Cottonwood Creek and the San Luis Reservoir wildlife areas. Reservations are required for access to the...
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Take a friend hunting – win a prize
by ODFW, APRIL 7, 2017

Maybe it’s a work friend who has never been hunting but is curious about the sport—or your spouse who wants to experience your weekends during the fall hunting season. Or it's an old friend who hasn't made time to hunt in years, because they don't have anyone to go with. For veteran hunters who want to pass on their passion for...
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Long Distance Turkey
by John Higley, APRIL 2, 2017

You went where to do what?  That’s a question I get often after traveling for turkey hunting to a distant location.  “Heck,” some would say, “we’ve got turkeys all over northern California.”  Yes, we do, but we don’t have all of the subspecies that exist nationwide and one of them, the Osceola, resides only in Florida.  So, when the opportunity came...
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