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Hart Mountain, Lake County
Barren rocks, bitten hard by wind and water, become ideal canvasses for nature's artistic touch.


Oregon and California are seeing an increase in the number of stranded sea lions along the coast due to leptospirosis, a bacteria that can also sicken dogs, livestock, people and other wildlife. “Over the past few months, we have been getting calls for multiple sick or dead sea lions daily, which is higher than normal,” said Jim Rice, an OSU Marine...
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Lava Beds National Monument invites you to join us for our first ever haunted cave tour!  Staff and volunteers are busily preparing one of our most famous caves into a truly unique Lava Beds experience. Throughout the tours, a guide will keep you safe from both the normal and paranormal hazards of the cave; however you are likely to witness...
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Incidental Take while Spear Fishing?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, OCTOBER 26, 2017

Question:What happens if a spearfishing diver spots a large fish and shoots and spears it without realizing until too late that it’s a giant (black) sea bass or another prohibited species? Then after the fish is speared and brought to the surface, the spearfisher realizes they have a fish they can’t take or possess, so they promptly return it to...
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Late-season coastal king season starts with a bang
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, OCTOBER 26, 2017

Last weekend’s rain provided a glimpse into what could be one heck of a late-fall coastal salmon season on the Smith and Chetco rivers. Following last Thursday’s rain, the Smith opened to fishing above Rowdy Creek for the first time this fall. And per usual, that first big rise brought in plenty of big, chrome-bright kings. Sunday was the day...
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CDFW November 2017 Calendar of Events
by CDFW, OCTOBER 26, 2017

Various Days — Guided Wetland Tours, By Reservation, at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, 3207 Rutherford Road, Gridley (95948). A wildlife naturalist will lead any group, school or organization on a half-mile route through the diverse wetlands of the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area. General information includes wildlife identification, behavior patterns and conservation efforts. The experience can be catered to include requested information....
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ODFW Recreation Report
by ODFW, OCTOBER 26, 2017

Deer and elk hunting Rifle deer hunting continues in western Oregon. General Rocky Mountain elk 1st season opened Oct. 25. Conditions for big game hunting are improving with the rain. See reports below or the Big Game Hunting Forecast for what to expect. Waterfowl seasons start with a bang Waterfowl is open statewide. Check out the waterfowl and upland bird harvest statistics at ODFW wildlife areas. Western fall...
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