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Patterson Lake, Modoc County
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Department of Interior Changes Mind
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, OCTOBER 29, 2017

Trinity River

Earlier this week, the Department of Interior came out with a news release. Interior spokesman, Russell Newell, made a news release that stated that the Department of Interior would not support Gov. Browns’ water project “The Twin Tunnels” that is to replace a system that pulls water south through the delta using giant pumps that harm fish. Later, spokesman Newell...
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Wild Pheasant Hunting Season Opener Nears
by CDFW, OCTOBER 29, 2017

The second weekend of November brings a popular tradition for many families in California – the opening of pheasant season. Although the overall wild pheasant population has been decreasing in recent years and the number of hunt days has been reduced on some wildlife areas, opportunities are still available on state-managed lands. The 2017 general pheasant season will open Saturday, Nov. 11...
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See salmon spawning in local rivers
by ODFW, OCTOBER 29, 2017

Oregonians in the southern part of the state have a unique wildlife viewing opportunity to watch fall Chinook salmon spawn in local rivers. Peak spawning is now through mid-December depending on the river. Practice good wildlife viewing etiquette by watching from a short distance without disturbing the fish or walking on redds (nests). Binoculars can be handy. Note that viewing conditions...
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Expanded Crabbing Closure Announced
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, OCTOBER 28, 2017

Chetco River

Last week, the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced an expanded closure of harvesting crab in all Oregon bays from the north jetty of the Coquille River estuary in Bandon south to the Oregon/California border due to elevated levels of domoic acid toxin. The closure includes the Chetco Bay and the ocean (which...
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A few decades ago, cougars in the coast range were practically unheard of. But as Oregon’s healthy cougar population has expanded into northwest Oregon from population strongholds in the Blue Mountains and south Cascades, ODFW is observing  more cougar harvest, sightings and damage complaints along the coast. Researchers have studied cougar home range sizes, population densities and diet  in the Cascades...
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Recreational sturgeon anglers get another retention day Oct. 28
by ODFW, OCTOBER 27, 2017
Columbia River

Recreational sturgeon anglers will get an additional day of retention fishing Saturday, Oct. 28 in the Columbia River from Wauna to Bonneville Dam under rules adopted today by fish and wildlife departments from Oregon and Washington. The extra fishing day was approved after staff reviewed harvest data that showed 4,700 anglers harvested fewer than 200 legal-sized sturgeon during the first sturgeon...
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