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Lakeview, Lake County
The mule deer was named for its large ears that along with its nose are its first line of defense.


What snow in April
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, APRIL 9, 2017

Klamath River - Lower

Mother nature is handing us some unusual weather for this time of year... What, snow in April? Yes, we are having snow flurries at some lower elevations and snow above 4,000ft. They say April showers bring May flowers and that is true up here in the North Country. The sierra snowpack is 161% of the historic average, the largest snowpack since...
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Eagle Lake comes alive
by Valerie Aubrey, APRIL 8, 2017
Eagle Lake

Valerie Aubrey checked in from Eagle Lake Fishing in Susanville, CA. Eagle Lake is coming alive. It is wonderful to see the life come back at our lake. Check out Valerie’s incredible video below! Mini Movie by Valerie Aubrey ...
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Lower Rogue Springers just beginning to show
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, APRIL 8, 2017

Rogue River

It's spring, the time of year when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love - especially if you're a fisherman - when it's high time for romancing the springer!  Anglers are now starting to concentrate their efforts on fishing the lower Rogue River for spring Chinook. Springer fishing has never been known as being a fast-and-furious fishery. But if...
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In April and May the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will be releasing a total of 1,500 trophy-sized trout into Willow Creek Reservoir near Heppner. One hundred and fifty fish will be marked with brightly-colored tags, 15 of which will be worth a $50 Visa card to the anglers who redeem them. The fish tagging program is a part of...
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Be Rattlesnake Safe this Spring
by CDFW, APRIL 7, 2017

With the coming of spring and warmer weather conditions, snakes of many species are through hunkering down, making human encounters with these elusive creatures more likely. Although most native snakes are harmless, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recommends steering clear of the venomous rattlesnake  – and knowing what to do in the event of a strike. Rattlesnakes are...
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Take a friend hunting – win a prize
by ODFW, APRIL 7, 2017

Maybe it’s a work friend who has never been hunting but is curious about the sport—or your spouse who wants to experience your weekends during the fall hunting season. Or it's an old friend who hasn't made time to hunt in years, because they don't have anyone to go with. For veteran hunters who want to pass on their passion for...
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