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Eureka Public Marina, Humboldt County
Sights around Humboldt Bay are best viewed from a boat and a kayak lets you explore everywhere.


Salmon fishing is all about rain
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, NOVEMBER 11, 2017

Chetco River

November is the month when storms start pummeling the southern Oregon and northern California coastline.  And to a river fisherman, storms mean only one thing - rain, beautiful droplets of salmon caffeine!  And with rains come rising rivers; and with rising rivers follow the Chinook. It's the natural procession of nature. In this neck of the woods, the two main river...
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The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announce the reopening of recreational and commercial mussel harvesting from the south jetty of the Columbia River to the north jetty of Yaquina Bay at Newport. Shellfish samples taken from the area indicate levels of the paralytic shellfish toxin (PST) have dropped below the ;alert level. The...
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Purpose and Frequencies of Tracking Collars?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Question: My daughter and I have a huge interest in our local wildlife. We live in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. I have been interested in radio and emergency communications since my childhood. I was hoping you could educate us regarding what tracking collars are being used around my house and what frequencies the collars are using to transmit...
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Storms open the door for coastal kings
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Chetco River

The season’s first real storms are currently drenching the North Coast and putting rivers on the rise, and it looks like there’s plenty more of the wet stuff on the horizon. If the forecast holds, we should see enough rain in the next few days to open all of the rivers to fishing that are currently closed due to low...
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Rattle-N-Roll: A Young Buck Story
by Jason Haley, NOVEMBER 8, 2017

Cory Page (50), of Phoenix, and his son, Eli do things the old fashioned way. They hunt when their busy work and school/sports schedules allow, almost always on weekends. They stay close to home in Siskiyou foothills of southern Oregon, usually sleeping in their own beds, and they hunt the general bow season with over-the-counter tags. Using vacation time for hunts...
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Elk hunting General Rocky Mountain bull elk 2nd season is open through Nov. 12. Coast bull elk first 1st season opens Nov. 11. Conditions for big game hunting have improved with the rain. See reports below or the Big Game Hunting Forecast for what to expect. Duck seasons open statewide Recent cold, wet weather should help put ducks on the move. Seasons are open statewide into January...
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