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Woodley Island Marina, Humboldt County
Dawn always brings the promise of a new day but dawn over a marina brings hopes of a good catch.


Devil’s Garden wild horses available to TIP trainers
by Modoc Forest News, APRIL 7, 2017

Wild horses gathered last fall from the Modoc National Forest’s Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory will be made available through the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Trainer Incentive Program or TIP. Learn more about this program or how to become involved at mustangheritagefoundation.org/. Anyone with the proper facilities can adopt Devil’s Garden horses from the Litchfield Holding Facility through the BLM’s normal process....
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Where and When Do Turkeys Nest?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, APRIL 6, 2017

Question: I know that turkeys roost in trees at night and that this is their courtship and nesting season, but where do they nest and for how long? We’re seeing lots of toms running around right now but not many hens. I’ve not found any sitting on nests. When can we expect the newly hatched chicks to be out and on...
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Tough start for Cove salmon anglers
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, APRIL 6, 2017

Trinity River - Upper

Saturday’s recreational salmon opener at Shelter Cove was much as advertised, a very windy day on the salt with a little fishing and not much catching. Four boats launched into some pretty rough water and howling winds and the report was only one shaker landed. The ocean calmed down on Tuesday, and a few boats took advantage. The scores weren’t...
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ODFW Weekly Recreational Report
by ODFW, APRIL 5, 2017

First of several Free Fishing Days will take place April 22-23 Anglers and would-be anglers can enjoy a weekend of free fishing on April 22-23. On these two days, Oregonians and visitors can fish, crab and clam for free anywhere in Oregon without a license, tag or endorsement. This is the first of eight Free Fishing days in Oregon this year....
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With tax returns due April 18, time is running out, but you can still help California’s rare, threatened and endangered species when you file your state return. In the Voluntary Contributions section you can donate any dollar amount to the California Sea Otter Fund on line 410 and the Rare and Endangered Species Preservation Program on line 403. These special...
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Hell or High Water: What Floods Mean for Wildlife
by Erin Loury, FISHBIO, APRIL 4, 2017
San Joaquin River

Floods have been very much in the news and on the minds of Californians this year, from the mass evacuations downstream of the Oroville Dam to the flooding of San Jose. While floods make headlines for their toll on homes and businesses, their impact on wildlife and the greater ecosystem can go overlooked. Flooding can be a boon or a burden to fish...
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