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Clear Lake, Lake County
Bass fishing is a very popular sport but only a handful of anglers manage to catch the big ones.


East Walker River, NV Report
by NDOW, DECEMBER 15, 2017
Walker River - East Fork (NV)

East Walker Flow is currently at 75 cfs. Fishing has been good even with the extremely low temperatures.  The high water this last winter and spring has really cleaned out the river, pushing a good portion of the mud and sand downstream. Recent electroshocking efforts have shown solid trout populations from the Elbow upstream.  Fly Fisherman are doing well with small mayfly...
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Chimney Dam Reservoir Report
by NDOW, DECEMBER 15, 2017
Chimney Dam Reservoir

The reservoir is currently frozen. Ice fishing conditions will be updated with safe ice fishing conditions.  Note that all tiger muskie must be released and report the tag # to NDOW.  
Carson River East Fork Report
by NDOW, DECEMBER 15, 2017
Carson River - East Fork (NV)

East Fork of the Carson has come down to winter flows and ice has become an issue. Anchor ice is effecting the majority of the East Fork of the Carson River. Stale conditions will likely continue until we see temperatures climb or flows fluctuate and break ice.
Bilk Creek Reservoir Report
by NDOW, DECEMBER 15, 2017
Bilk Creek Reservoir

The reservoir is covered in thin ice. Safe ice fishing conditions should come quick with the below average temps. Check back for ice fishing conditions as they improve. 
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is offering a special apprentice youth waterfowl hunt at the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area in Solano County on Wednesday, Dec. 27 – a rare, midweek hunt for young hunters during their holiday break from school. The 12 blinds in the Crescent Unit of the wildlife area will be closed and available only to junior hunting...
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Hetch Hetchy
Backcountry Travels
by Phil "Flip" Akers, DECEMBER 15, 2017

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

According to visitation statistics from the National Park Service, a record five million people experienced Yosemite last year. Of these visitors, nearly 75% opt for the fair-weather months – many to see the majestic waterfalls – and most don’t venture outside of Yosemite Valley. Breaking things down, only 3% of all Yosemite visitors make the trip during the months of...
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