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High water and snowpack spells springers
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, APRIL 29, 2017

Rogue River

Many years ago, an ODFW biologist was explaining to me about the subtle nuances of predicting how good a springer season will be on the Rogue River. The following axioms not only apply to the Rogue River, but to all rivers where spring Chinook are known to return. Unlike what most people think, mere numbers alone do not project how successful...
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The Green California Summit honored the California Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) Tuesday night with the 2017 Leadership Award for Resource Conservation. The annual summit showcases strategies for emission reduction, water conservation, clean transportation and other environmentally sustainable practices, and supports attainment of the sustainability goals set by the state. The award was presented for projects that have accomplished preservation of a...
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Too much water too early
by Gary Heffley, APRIL 28, 2017
Bullards Bar Reservoir

Emerging from the drought plagued years in Northern California, we are now in a situation where we have too much water way too early in the year.  Our major reservoirs are having to release water at an unprecedented rate for this time of year.  On average, the three major reservoirs of Shasta, Trinity, and Oroville are taking in water and...
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Rainbow Trout/Steelhead vs Coastal Cutthroat Trout
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, APRIL 27, 2017

Question: I have a question regarding regulations on non-adipose fin-clipped (“wild”) rainbow trout/steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout in tributaries on the North Coast (e.g. the lagoons in northern Humboldt County). Anglers are not permitted to keep wild rainbow trout/steelhead but are permitted to keep wild coastal cutthroat trout. However, these two species are well known to hybridize and hybrid offspring are...
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Big Halibut Contest
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, APRIL 27, 2017

Eureka Coast

Don't forget, Eureka's Englund Marine will be holding its BIG FISH Halibut Contest this again year. The annual event runs from May 1 to October 31, 2017. There is no entry fee and you can enter as many fish as you’d like. Fish do not need to be gutted and gilled. Prizes will be awarded to the top three fish....
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) will start releasing Pilot Peak Lahontan cutthroat trout into Truckee area waters to give Sierra Nevada anglers the opportunity to catch some trophy sized trout in a year or two.  Last week CDFW received a shipment of cutthroat trout eggs from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Lahontan National Fish Hatchery...
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