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Lower Klamath NWR, Siskiyou County
The spots on a butterfly wing are not random but help identify this as a California tortoiseshell.


Fishing Basics: Sunfish/Bluegill
by Gary Heffley, MARCH 6, 2018

Depending on the part of the country an angler was raised, there is a better than average chance that the first fish they ever caught was some type of Sunfish. For California anglers that sunfish was probably a Bluegill, although there are a number of other species of Sunfish throughout the state including Redear Sunfish, Green Sunfish, Pumpkinseed and Warmouth....
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Looking ahead to rain
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, MARCH 5, 2018

Trinity River

The snowpack in the Sierra’s and the Trinity Alps is looking good for right now. What we really need is a continuing build up of it to assure us of enough water in the reservoir system to supply farmers and the rivers of the water we will need for the summer and fall to stave off another drought. Like I...
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A Sierra Nevada red fox was captured in Tehama County last month by California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) biologists researching this rare sub-species of red fox. The 10-pound male fox was captured on national forest land just outside of Lassen Volcanic National Park, near the town of Mineral. The fox was collared and released at the capture location, and...
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Commercial and sport anglers received mixed news today regarding the status of Sacramento River fall Chinook and Klamath River fall Chinook – California’s two largest Chinook salmon populations. While adult returns of both stocks were well below minimum escapement goals in 2017, and projected abundance for both stocks is modest compared to historic averages, state and federal fishery scientists reported...
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Saving a Place for Wildlife
On Patrol
by Steven T. Callan, MARCH 3, 2018

Late in November 1959, I was an eleven-year-old boy riding in the back seat of our family car as my father drove us north of Sacramento for the first time. I remember looking out the window and marveling at flocks of flying waterfowl and a vast landscape of wetlands, rice fields, grain fields, and open space -- all the way...
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Late rain heralds in fresh incoming steel - Lower Rogue River
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, MARCH 3, 2018

Rogue River

There is no doubt that the unseasonable variability of rainfall this year has affected the intensity of angling and fishing methods regarding winter steelhead. In a rainforest such as the Pacific Northwest, a steelheader does not usually expect to go more than a week before he or she is able to deploy steelhead techniques from the bank or from a...
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