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Woodley Island Marina, Humboldt County
Dawn always brings the promise of a new day but dawn over a marina brings hopes of a good catch.


Crab Wars: The Invasive European Green Crab
by FISHBIO, JULY 3, 2018
San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay is considered the most invaded estuary in the world, in part due to its heavy ship traffic that transports species from other places. One unassuming but costly invader that has hitchhiked into San Francisco Bay is the European green crab (Carcinus maenas). Considered one of the world’s worst invasive species, these crabs feed voraciously on native invertebrates such as young...
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Bucktails and Striper Tales
Jerry Back
by Jerry Back, JULY 3, 2018

San Mateo Coastline

I had fished the same stretch of beach twice already over the past six days and yet I return a third time.  I’m not at Ocean Beach, my usual haunt, but 5-10 miles south, somewhere along the San Mateo County coastline. Dozens of boats are being regularly seen offshore around here--most, if not all, are trying to catch salmon (zoom...
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This spring, the National Park Service welcomed two former BLMers to its Yosemite National Park law enforcement team – a pair of geldings known as Sandman and Drifter. Just a few years ago, they were two of the more than 70,000 wild horses on America’s public lands.  Their story began in June 2014 during another California drought. A herd of wild...
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Portion of coast opens for razor clamming
by ODFW, JULY 2, 2018
Columbia River

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) announce a portion of the coast has opened for razor clamming as domoic acid levels have fallen below the closure limit. Razor clamming is now open from the Columbia River to Cape Perpetua and from the south jetty of the Umpqua River to Cape Arago. The harvesting...
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[In Humboldt County, a conservation group is suing the government, arguing that a new ordinance regulating the local marijuana industry doesn’t adequately address the environmental impact of an estimated 15,000 cannabis grow operations.] When Californians voted to legalize recreational cannabis in 2016, the new law left room for municipalities to decide if, and how much, of the industry they wanted in their...
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Rare Insight Into Wild Horses - How They Deal With Death And Grief
Preparedness & Survival
by Capt. William E. Simpson, JULY 1, 2018

In today’s world of instant gratification and life as viewed through artificially colored designer glasses, some people shy away from the hard lessons and experiences that might result in experiencing very powerful emotions. But it is exactly these emotions that drive the evolution of meaningful personal convictions, beliefs and inner strength. These lessons, if you will, are by example the heavy...
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