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Join ODFW staff Tuesday, June 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Seaside Civic and Convention Center (415 First Avenue, Seaside) to find out more about diseases affecting big game and regulations hunters need to follow to protect that state’s big game populations. At the meeting, ODFW will provide an update on elk hoof disease, a bacterial infection that causes severe lameness...
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The Columbia River Subarea (Leadbetter Point, WA to Cape Falcon, OR) all-depth halibut fishery will be open for one additional day on Thursday, June 21. After the most recent openings in Washington, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has determined that there is enough quota remaining in the Washington recreational quota to have all Washington subareas, including the Columbia River...
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Spring Chinook season extended on Umatilla River
by ODFW, JUNE 9, 2018
Umatilla River

The spring Chinook season on the lower Umatilla River from the Hwy 730 bridge to Threemile Dam has been extended through June 30 thanks to a strong return to the Threemile Dam. The season was originally set to close after June 10. “After a slow start to Chinook run, the numbers have pick up enough this month that we can offer some additional fishing...
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Port of Brookings Harbor Fillet Tables Get Rebuilt
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, JUNE 8, 2018

Port of Brookings Harbor

One thing that anglers neglect at the end of each successful fishing day is caring for their catch properly.  A lot of times fish neglect is simply a matter of not having a place where they can properly fillet or steak out an angler’s catch. That’s not the case in the Port of Brookings Harbor, the southernmost port on the Oregon...
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Commission opted to delay adoption of marbled murrelet survival guidelines until their Aug. 3 meeting in Salem to allow staff more time to refine the advisory rule language. Yesterday, they decided not to uplist the marbled murrelet from threatened to endangered. Once adopted, the guidelines would encourage (but not require) certain actions to conserve this seabird on state-owned or state-leased land. The rules would not apply...
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How Do I Know if I Have Nutria on my Property?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, JUNE 8, 2018

Question: I own property in Merced and I have some concerns about the Central Valley nutria discovery. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, but what signs should I be looking out for? Can I have someone come out and survey my property to make sure they’re not here, just for my own peace of mind? (Ann) Answer: Nutria are large, invasive...
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