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Lake Davis, Plumas County
Being in the right place at the right time gives us the chance to see a much larger picture.


California wildlife officers have uncovered what is likely the largest raptor poaching case in known California history, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announced. Wildlife officers assigned to Lassen County received an anonymous tip from someone who reportedly witnessed a man killing a hawk near the town of Standish. The local wildlife officer conducted surveillance, then visited the private...
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Surf Perching with Crusteaz
Jerry Back
by Jerry Back, MARCH 13, 2018

Ocean Beach

I live pretty close to Ocean Beach, San Francisco.  It’s actually only a short, 10 minute walk from my house, so it’s often going to be the place you’ll find me fishing on a regular basis.  Striped bass can be found here during the late-Spring and Summer months, but most of the time the fish to be relied upon to...
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ODFW and partners building fishing dock at Cape Meares Lake
by ODFW, MARCH 12, 2018
Cape Meares Lake

The Tillamook Anglers, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), and Tillamook County have partnered to place a new fishing dock on Cape Meares Lake for public use. Construction will begin March 15 and is expected to last through April 16. The new dock will be located on the southwest corner of the lake near the intersection of the Bayocean Dike...
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Redding area lakes fishing report
by Jeff Goodwin, MARCH 12, 2018
Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake is fishing very well right now for both rainbow trout and German browns to 8 lbs. The fish are near the surface in the 50 degree water and it's remaining consistent that they bite up high in the morning and drop to 25-35' feet by mid-day.  We are mostly trolling Trinidad Tackle Optimizer spoons at 3.8 mph which...
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Vaki Riverwatcher and Fish Counts
by FISHBIO, MARCH 12, 2018

Once you have a Fish Counting Weir how will you actually count the fish? A fish weir essentially creates an artificial fish barrier in the river and only allows fish to pass through a designated opening in the weir. You have some options when it comes to gathering fish passage data. A person can manually count fish passing over a light colored...
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Approximately 700 sheep will be arriving around mid-March at the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park along the South Fork of the American River near Pilot Hill. The Bureau of Land Management Mother Lode Field Office utilize the sheep as an environmentally-friendly weed control measure. “The sheep are very effective at controlling yellow starthistle, which is a nasty, invasive weed. They are...
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