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ODFW Weekly Recreation Report Highlights
by ODFW, AUGUST 22, 2018

Remember to buy your archery tags General archery deer and elk seasons start this Saturday, and you must buy your tags before the season starts. And if you’re waiting for rifle season, why not buy your tag now while we’re reminding you? Include fishing in your holiday weekend plans Sept. 1-2 is a Free Fishing Weekend in Oregon – you can fish, crab or clam...
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Young Salmon on the Rise
by FISHBIO, AUGUST 21, 2018

Salmon spawning in California’s Central Valley appear to be getting younger. We have previously reported on the prevalence of early-maturing Chinook salmon males, which are called jacks. We have observed jacks attempting to mate with larger adult females during field surveys, and have pondered their life history patterns (see “Hedging Your Bets” and “Jumping Jack“). The number of jacks returning to...
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Yea, Highway 299 is Open!
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, AUGUST 20, 2018

Trinity River

I really love living in the country alongside the beautiful Trinity River, but it has its problems. It is not like living in the city where you can turn on the tap and water comes out. but, when you use a spring or creek for your water, sometimes animals disrupt your water supply and you have to fix it so...
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Peaceful Waters Replenish the Soul at Trout Lake
by Sharon Waranius, AUGUST 20, 2018
Trout Lake

Wanderlust and penetrating awe surrounds the soul and mesmerizes the mind upon the waters of Trout Lake, Montague, California. As a great fishing hole of the Shasta Valley Wildlife Refuge, the lake is part of the 4,700 acres designated as a wildlife area in 1991 by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The gentle rise of Mount Shasta in the...
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Smoke Free Brookie
by Gary Heffley, AUGUST 18, 2018
Hat Creek

Like everyone else in the Redding area, I am tired of the smoke that continues to cast a pall over the area. Having driven out to Whiskeytown and witnessing firsthand the devastation around the lake, passing so many burnt out homes along the way, I wondered how other homes, by some miracle, had survived, I needed a break from it...
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With the bulk of firefighting efforts now focused on the northeast portion of the Carr Fire, officials at the Bureau of Land Management are now assessing damages and hazards within the public lands recreational trail network and working on plans to reopen trails to the public. “We have opened the Clear Creek Greenway and Cloverdale trails because the areas are safe,”...
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