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Lakeview, Lake County
The mule deer was named for its large ears that along with its nose are its first line of defense.


Eureka halibut action remains red-hot
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, MAY 17, 2018

Eureka Coast

After a short break due to rough seas, the red-hot halibut bite picked up right where it left off last Thursday. On Monday, a few boats went out of Eureka and fished in marginal conditions. The current was ripping and the wind was blowing, which made it nearly impossible to keep your bait close to the bottom. A few fish...
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The ODFW youth fishing event scheduled for June 2 at Marr Pond has been canceled due to repairs at the pond. In addition, spring stocking will be delayed until repairs are completed. “While this is disheartening for us and the public, these repairs are necessary to maintain quality fishing at Marr Pond,” said Kyle Bratcher, ODFW assistant fish biologist in Enterprise. ...
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ODFW Recreation Report Highlights
by ODFW, MAY 16, 2018

Enjoy free fishing, and clamming, June 2-3 June 2-3 is Free Fishing Weekend and you won’t need a license, tag or endorsement to fish anywhere in Oregon that’s open to fishing. Trout, bass, rockfish, crappie, salmon, clams – take your pick! ODFW and its partners also will host several free trout fishing events throughout the state to help you and your family or friends get...
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At its April 2018 meeting, the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) adopted emergency regulations to increase the daily bag limit for purple sea urchins taken while skin or SCUBA diving off Mendocino and Sonoma counties only. Purple sea urchins fall under the general invertebrate bag limit of 35 per day, but the emergency regulations now in effect will allow...
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ODFW’s 2018 auctions and raffles for 26 special Oregon big game hunting tags grossed a record $1,019,730 this year, breaking the previous record of $882,787 set in 2017. Winners of these tags can hunt during an extended season and in an expanded hunt area. A total of 145,105 raffle tickets were sold, grossing $380,730 and breaking previous records for raffle sales....
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May is the Premier Month for Surfperch
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, MAY 12, 2018

Port of Brookings Harbor

Surfperch have been the red-hot ticket to fish-taco city, even in the past 3 months when the weather has been cold and rainy.  But when the month of May rolls around, the mottled flat-siders often school up with noticeably flat-calm seas, especially the large females, giving surf anglers a run for their money. There are two main varieties of surfperch that...
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