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Eagle Lake, Lassen County
Fly fishing from shore allows the angler to enjoy the tussle, revive the fish and let it go free.


How Do I Know if I Have Nutria on my Property?
California Outdoors Q&A
Carrie Wilson, JUNE 8, 2018

Question: I own property in Merced and I have some concerns about the Central Valley nutria discovery. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, but what signs should I be looking out for? Can I have someone come out and survey my property to make sure they’re not here, just for my own peace of mind? (Ann) Answer: Nutria are large, invasive...
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The Commission declined to uplist the marbled murrelets from threatened to endangered during its meeting in Baker City today in a split 4-2 vote.  The Commission did ask staff to bring modified survival guidelines for marbled murrelets back to them tomorrow, with some language reworked to reflect suggestions heard from people who testified today. The guidelines will encourage conservation efforts on...
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Ocean loaded with small kings
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, JUNE 7, 2018

Trinidad Coast

One thing we know for sure after the first week of salmon season on the North Coast – the future looks very bright. According to reports, there is no shortage of small kings from Shelter Cove all the way to Crescent City. Boats fishing out of Eureka and Trinidad have been weeding through the undersized fish and filling their boxes...
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Salmon live, salmon die, what GGSA is doing about it
by GGSA Staff, JUNE 6, 2018
Merced River

Three days is a disaster, more CDFW tanker trucks needed In the last issue of our GGSA Newsletter, we told you the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife reversed course and agreed to truck Merced hatchery salmon after GGSA reminded the department that fish forced to swim past the Delta pumps died. (The Merced River is a tributary of the San...
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Lower Columbia spring Chinook, sturgeon seasons approved
by ODFW, JUNE 6, 2018
Columbia River

Fishery managers from Oregon and Washington extended the ongoing recreational spring Chinook fishing season on the lower Columbia River, set a one-day white sturgeon season  in the estuary, and approved a two-fish bag limit on Chinook above Bonneville Dam today during a joint state hearing. Downstream of Bonneville Dam, the states approved a nine-day extension to the ongoing spring Chinook season...
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Using lights to attract fish at night has been a well-known fishing method since before the light bulb was even invented. Ancient cultures used fire to attract fish to their boats and catch them more easily. Fishers today use advanced underwater lights that, we now know, attract plankton and, in turn, small fish and larger sport fish. Even some predatory deep-sea fishes create...
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