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California’s 2018-2019 waterfowl hunting season is fast approaching, with one special early opportunity for young hunters in California’s Northeastern Zone. The weekend of Sept. 22-23 is designated as Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days in this zone only. Additional youth waterfowl hunting opportunities will follow in the other zones around the state on Feb. 2-3, 2019. The majority of hunters will take to the blinds Oct. 20 in...
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The parties to the Pacific Salmon Treaty have agreed on new coast-wide salmon fishing agreements under the Treaty. The Pacific Salmon Commission is comprised of representatives from Canada, the states of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, and Northwest and Columbia River Treaty Tribes. Commissioners from the United States and Canada will now forward the agreements to their respective governments for approval. The 10-year agreement...
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announces the recreational Pacific halibut fishery will close Friday, Sept. 21 at 11:59 p.m. for the remainder of 2018. Based on the latest catch projections, CDFW expects the 2018 California recreational quota of 30,940 pounds will have been taken by this date. California’s 2018 quota is approximately 4,000 pounds less than the 2017...
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Salmon Quotas Being Met on the Klamath
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

Klamath River - Upper - CA

The 2018 Fall Chinook adult salmon quotas for the Klamath Trinity River basin have been met for the Lower Klamath River from the Weitchpec Bridge down to the mouth of the Klamath River as of Wednesday Sept.12. You may still fish this area for jack Chinook salmon under 22 inches and hatchery steelhead. Normally, the Upper Klamath and Trinity Rivers have...
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Do you have a love of the outdoors and a passion for fish and wildlife conservation? The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Law Enforcement Division (LED) is currently accepting applications for Wildlife Officer (Warden) Cadet. All prospective applicants must submit a warden cadet application by Sept. 30, 2018 to be considered for the 2020 law enforcement academy. CDFW has posted answers...
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Oregon is among the first places to document the impacts of “ocean acidification”— what happens when human-produced carbon dioxide is absorbed by seawater, resulting in chemical reactions that change the water’s pH and make it more acidic. Oregon is meeting this problem head on, most recently with the convening of the Oregon Coordinating Council on Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia. Back in...
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