Nor Cal and Southern Oregon Fish Reports

Sac River Striped Bass Action!
by Jeff Goodwin, APRIL 17, 2024
Sacramento River - Lower

We're in our second week of the 2024 Sacramento River Striped bass season and it's been a good one so far!  Water conditions are perfect and there are lots and lots of Stripers in the river now.  The quality of bass we're seeing daily has been a welcomed surprise.  The numbers of healty male Stripers has been pretty impressive.  We've had...
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Fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout and Catching
by Scott Caldwell, APRIL 14, 2024
Shasta Lake

You cannot catch fish, if you do not get out, and put your line in the water, then put the time in. Fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout at Shasta and Sisikyou Lakes the past 10 days has been good to great. We had that crazy lunar event going on recently and that stuff has not really had much effect on my fishing trips...
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Boat limits of great Kokanee by 9:30
by James Netzel, AUGUST 2, 2023
Stampede Reservoir

Well that was easy!!! Boat limits of great Kokanee by 9:30 at Stampede Reservoir. Paulina Peak Tackle UV pink and green spinner and watermelon UV hoochie behind various P lite dodgers still my top presentations. Short leaders. 8-10” Derby in a couple days. That’s all I can give out right now. ...
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by Mario Gomez, JANUARY 28, 2023
Smith River

We have been working hard for our bites this week on just about every creek in the region. The fish have been closed lipped, but if you put in the time and grind on em they will bit eventually. The photos below are a pretty good representation of what you can expect for the remainder of the month. The rising...
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King Salmon on the Sacramento River
Sac River Guide
by Kirk Portocarrero, DECEMBER 26, 2022

Sacramento River

This is the end of the week for King Salmon on the Sacramento River this morning 9 year old Hanna caught her first fish ever ! Congratulations Hanna  back to the river tomorrow hopefully its not blown out .