Nor Cal and Southern Oregon Fish Reports

Shasta Lake trout are on the menu!
by Jeff Goodwin, DECEMBER 1, 2020
Shasta Lake

Wow, we're seeing some high quality trout this week and all signs point to some continued good fishing on Shasta Lake.  The most notable fact is the condition of these trout.  Every trout we've been catching since breaking away from the river fishing has been in pristine condition.  Its not always the case that we see these trout in such form,...
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Full Moon Klamath Steelhead
by Scott Caldwell, DECEMBER 1, 2020
Klamath River - Upper - CA

Barny an Paul had quite a big fish battle the past two days on the Klamath river.. Dad pulled  out the win, with a 26 inch beauty yesterday morning . The full moon did nothing to hinder the fishing on the Klamath river big fish small fish they all were hungry. Slow back trolled bait and plugs were tactics that worked best...
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Fishing in redbluff and anderson salmon and steelhead
Sac River Guide
by Kirk Portocarrero, NOVEMBER 25, 2020

Sacramento River

The water is much to low and clear to go out with big groups the salmon fishing is put on hold till we get rain it's much to tough and as long as we don't get any rain this fishing will be horrible !!! The boat ramps are super low and are big boats can't get out with clients .Pray...
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Steel Rippin Lips
by Mario Gomez, NOVEMBER 24, 2020
Klamath River - Middle

The fishing continues to be fantastic on the klamath river for our clients we are seeing many fish days and fishing in complete solitude. If you are looking for a secluded fishing adventure in a wilderness setting the klamath river is your destination. Ironhead Guide Service is the premier local outfitter based out off happy camp California the heart of...
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We Found em Again Today!
by James Netzel, OCTOBER 20, 2020
Sacramento River - Sacramento

We found em again today!!! Past couple days we lost the big school we fished on all last week. Today at 11:30 we had 5 fish and a few shorts. Then after a move, we found a massive Trump rally on the Lowrance and couldn’t even get the baits to the bottom!!! Jumbo Minnows still outfished mudsuckers. Think that’s gonna...
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