Nor Cal and Southern Oregon Fly Fishing Reports

Lake Davis Observations ~ 10/27/2019
by Jon Baiocchi, OCTOBER 27, 2019
Lake Davis

Beautiful Autumn weather blanketing Lake Davis in the last week, another Indian summer with flashes of small weather systems in the last month and a half. It’s just how our climate is these days and surly not the same world I remember growing up in Paradise. Back then we’d get rain and snow from late September through May, and a...
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Fierce Weather on the Yuba
by Jon Baiocchi, FEBRUARY 18, 2019

What a series of storms! That was impressive to say the least. My new home above Nevada City is at the 3,100 foot elevation so we saw a little more snow than down below. But that didn't really matter since the storm warmed up with a sub-tropical Atmospheric River that provided rain on top of the snow creating more flooding issues....
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Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report
by Jon Baiocchi, JANUARY 29, 2019

Fishing is not nearly as good on the Lower Yuba River after the last series of big storms rolled on through, but fish are still being caught. Flows are running at 1,228 cubes as recorded at the Parks Bar Bridge gauge. Deer creek has not fallen all the way down and I assume it's because of the releases from Scott's...
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Lower Yuba River Update
by Jon Baiocchi, JANUARY 24, 2019
Yuba River - Lower

The past week has seen some gnarly weather here in Northern California. Big wind, heavy rain, and as of this morning, low elevation snows like here in Nevada City. Before our last round of storms the Lower Yuba River was fishing well with consistent mayfly hatches from noon until 3pm, and the start of seeing Skwala stoneflies drifting downstream in the...
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The Truckee River – The Blue Ribbon of the Northern Sierra
by Jon Baiocchi, JUNE 2, 2017
Truckee River

Some of my fondest memories growing up were fly fishing the Truckee River in the mid 1970’s with my dad. Back then it was a rarity to see someone using a fly rod while plying the river’s currents, and when we did see such a person, my dad would make it a point to introduce himself and talk about fly...
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Englebright is spilling
by Jon Baiocchi, DECEMBER 10, 2016
Englebright Reservoir

Fishing Guide Jon Baiocchi checked in with a video fo Englebright spilling! ...
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