Sac River King salmon season headed into late fall!
by Jeff Goodwin, OCTOBER 10, 2021
Sacramento River - Lower

The Sacramento River fall salmon season is definitely winding down in the Anderson area, but we still have a lot of available Kings holding in the Barge Hole before heading up into Battle Creek towards the Coleman National Fish Hatchery.  We're still seeing good numbers of salmon around, but the Kings we are catching are not too far from entering...
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Trinity River steelhead fishing!
by Jeff Goodwin, OCTOBER 8, 2021
Trinity River

The Trinity River is home to one of the most under rated steelhead fisheries in Northern California.  Year after year this small river system receives little attention, but often times has the potential of yielding some of the biggest daily catch numbers of steelhead of any inland river in California.  There are currently steelhead in this pristine river, but our Trinity River steelhead...
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Sac Kings keep coming!
by Jeff Goodwin, OCTOBER 2, 2021
Sacramento River - Lower

Another week down and the 2021 Sac River salmon just keep coming!  What a great year we're having, and by the looks of the things, its going to continue through December with our late fall Kings this year.  Most years we will see a significant slow down in the Corning area around the 3rd week of September, but we're seeing...
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What a fall salmon season we've had thus far!
by Jeff Goodwin, SEPTEMBER 30, 2021
Sacramento River

We've had a great season fishing for King salmon on the Sacramento River!  The good news is we still have 3 months of salmon fishing to do before the season closes on January 1st, 2022.  More and more steelhead are starting to fill the riffles in the Anderson area which is going to bring some excitement to our combo trips coming...
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Shasta Lake Fall Trout!
by Jeff Goodwin, SEPTEMBER 26, 2021
Shasta Lake

Fall is closing in on us quickly again this year and although we've been salmon fishing on the Sacramento River, its time to start thinking about fall trout on Shasta Lake.  I'll be taking the last two weeks of October to get ready for the lake season, but by November, I'll be ready to go!  We have a lot less...
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Big salmon return for the Sacramento River!
by Jeff Goodwin, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021
Sacramento River - Lower

This years return of King salmon to the Sacramento River is much larger than anyone anticipated.  Hundreds upon hundreds of Kings are currently occupying many areas known for the good fishing up and down the river from Anderson to Corning.  It will be interesting to see what the final return numbers to Coleman National Fish Hatchery are by seasons end.  I expect...
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