Whale Watch Reports

Whale of a Tale
by Noelie Achen ( Vice President ), OCTOBER 2, 2022

We are continuing to have excellent whale sittings every single day.  Our 100% success rate is still intact.   Our resident whales seem to be very content feeding along the coastline directly out of Depoe Bay.  Be sure to call us at 541-765-2345 or book online and set up a reservation to see them while they are still here!   ...
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The Streak Continues!
by Noelie Achen ( Vice President ), SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

We continue to have 100% sittings of Gray Whales.  Today we were treated to some extraordinary friendly gentle giants.  We had a few that come right up the the boat and even one Spyhopping.  Check out this photo captured by one of our happy whale watchers!  We continue to run 1 hour trips daily to call us at 541-765-2345 or book...
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Whales Everywhere
by Noelie Achen ( Vice President ), SEPTEMBER 11, 2022

Our super reliable resident Gray Whales continue to put on a great show for us day after day.  We have kept our 100% success rate on seeing these magnificent mammals.  We will continue to run trips daily so be sure to call and schedule your next exciting ocean cruise at 541-765-2345 or book online.
Whale of my Dreams
by Katie Robertson, SEPTEMBER 6, 2022

The sightings continue folks! It’s still resident Gray Whale season here in Depoe Bay. These whales come in considerably closer to the shore in order to feed on the small crustaceans and other creatures living on the seafloor.  Due to their feeding behavior, it is very common and equally as exciting to get the infamous ‘tail shot’ from this species. They...
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I Predict Whales
by Katie Robertson, SEPTEMBER 5, 2022

Did somebody order a flurry of Gray Whales?? These wonderful animals have been out in full force for the past nearly 4 months.  We are lucky enough here in Depoe Bay to have these as recurring residents every summer. There is never a dull moment when you’re out on the blue and the Grays really know how to show up for...
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Natural Marvels
by Katie Robertson, SEPTEMBER 4, 2022

Today marks another great day of Whale Watching! The captains and crewmates of the fleet were able to guide our guests to amazing whale encounters on each trip.  Now on to my favorite part of every whale watch report, the fun facts! Did you know, while you may have heard the rumors of people being swallowed by whales, this is actually...
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