Whale Watch Reports

Whale Hello There!
by Katie Robertson, AUGUST 13, 2022

There is no time like the present to come see the resident whales of Depoe Bay! All summer long they come to feed off the abundant reefs we are so proud ot have off the rocky shore of our home. While you're out there you may have the pleasure of seeing other ocean creatures such as harbor seals, sea lions, and...
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Whale of a Good Time!
by Katie Robertson, AUGUST 12, 2022

When it comes to Whale Watching, no one does it better than Depoe Bay!  Gray whales are our resident species that flock to the abundant area every summer. These whales are part of the baleen group meaning they are bottom and filter feeders rather than the toothed carnivores (Orcas!) that share the area during the migratory season.   We would love to take...
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Summertime Madness!
by Katie Robertson, AUGUST 9, 2022

The captains and crew here at Tradewinds always do a wonderful job at getting our guests the great opportunity to see some of the ocean’s largest marine mammals. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have the fleet that we do as well as being able to call this place home that has so many natural wonders to be seen.  Summertime sightings...
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Grays All The Way!
by Katie Robertson, AUGUST 8, 2022

We love our resident Gray Whales here in Depoe Bay. During the summertime this species can be seen through the whole season right off the sea wall.  They come back to this area every year to feed off the plentiful kelp forests blooming all over the rocks in and around the bay. These kelp forests house their favorite meal, mysid shrimp!  While...
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Whales or Bust!
by Katie Robertson, AUGUST 7, 2022

At Tradewinds charters we pride ourselves on giving you the most entertaining and educational trip possible every time you come out with us.  We set out daily (ocean permitting) in search of the fantastic creatures we are lucky enough to call locals, Gray Whales! Since we co-exist with these animals on a daily basis it has become second nature to know...
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Welcome to W[at]erland!
by Katie Robertson, AUGUST 6, 2022

The best place to learn about ocean creatures is out there on the water! You may be able to see some spouts from the beach but it is a totally different experience being on the same level nearly face to face with all kinds of ocean creatures from giants to almost microscopic.  The main animal you will see when you come...
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