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Hart Mountain, Lake County
Barren rocks, bitten hard by wind and water, become ideal canvasses for nature's artistic touch.


Crescent City Best Bet for Tuna
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

The wind and currents have done wonders for the warm water placement, and for those looking to get in on the tuna action. And no port looks better right now than Crescent City. The warm water has moved right to their doorstep, well within 20 miles. The only thing that could play spoiler is the ocean conditions. As of Wednesday,...
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With Warmer Weather Fish Are Here
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir

We are experiencing some warmer weather this week but we are also seeing more salmon and steelhead in the river. Charlie B of Redding wrote me that he had fished after the Holiday Weekend and hooked three nice fresh salmon below the North Fork and then went down river and landed a nice steelhead. (Sorry no size) This is good...
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Tuna remain out of reach for most anglers
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, SEPTEMBER 7, 2023

The warm water that holds all types of tuna continues to sit well offshore from Eureka, Trinidad, and Crescent City. But that hasn’t stopped a few dedicated and hardcore anglers. On Sunday, ocean conditions were ideal and a few boats made the long run leaving from Eureka and Trinidad. The boats needed to travel over 60 miles out, but it...
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ODFW Recreation Report
by ODFW, AUGUST 31, 2023

Big game hunting forecast‌ Elk and deer archery seasons open this Saturday. Here what ODFW biologists have to say about over-winter survival and early season hunting conditions. Check out conditions for your hunt.‌ Game bird hunting forecast‌ Grouse, mourning dove, and western Oregon quail hunting open Sept. 1 and biologists predict an excellent year for upland birds but a mixed bag for waterfowl. Learn more.‌ Hunting,...
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Boats Travel Far and Wide to Find Tuna
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, AUGUST 30, 2023

Ocean conditions over the weekend were about perfect, and there was tuna to be had. But you had to travel a long way, which plenty of boats did. Starting in Fort Bragg, where boats had the shortest run at 35 miles, at least one charter boat loaded the boat both Friday and Saturday. They were big fish too, with a...
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Newport, Ore. – Cameron Royer is looking to see just how well this year’s batch of baby rockfish are faring off the Central Oregon coast, and he’s relying on a SMURF to reveal it. No, not the blue cartoon characters. But a Standard Monitoring Unit for the Recruitment of Fishes – a $15 burrito-like bundle of snow fencing and wire that is...
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