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Winter on the Upper Klamath River, Siskiyou County
Anglers drift-fish this river daily in fall and winter often in widely fluctuating weather.


Predicting how animals will respond to a warming global climate is a major focus of ecological research, and evidence suggests that aquatic species are in particularly hot water. Ectothermic, or cold-blooded aquatic animals like fish do not internally regulate their body temperature, and therefore a warming environment has a significant influence on their metabolism. This relationship between temperature and metabolism is...
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What is the TMC up to?
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, DECEMBER 13, 2021

Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir

The Trinity Management Council (TMC) met on December 8th and 9th, on Dec. 9th the TMC Director Mike Dixon called for a Closed Session to discuss “Chanel Rehabilitation Scope of Work”. What was discussed and what was decided? The public was NOT privy to this information nor were they able to join the discussion for Channel Rehabilitation. The Record of Decision (ROD 2000) stated...
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Beautiful Sac Rainbows with Capt. Big Waters
by Gary Heffley, DECEMBER 10, 2021
Sacramento River - Lower

Few waters in Northern California produce the combination of quality and quantity of wild rainbow trout than is found on the Sacramento River in the Redding area.  For anglers in the know or those utilizing a quality guide having a shot at 25 plus hookups is a real possibility and probability on many days on the river.  Most of these...
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Still planting trout in December
by Collins Lake Staff, DECEMBER 10, 2021
Collins Lake

Still planting trout in December - Looks like the weather will hold out till Sunday Morning when we'll hopefully we'll get some much needed rain Until then, go catch a fish! ...
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Rain and Steelhead Both Headed Our Way
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, DECEMBER 9, 2021

Winter steelhead season hasn’t yet taken off on the North Coast but that will soon change. Numerous storm systems headed our way beginning this weekend should put all of the coastal rivers on the rise. According to the National Weather Service, more rain is in store for us most of next week, which will likely open up the rivers that...
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Freshwater lakes provide important resources for people around the world, including water for human consumption, irrigation, and electricity generation, as well as fisheries that are a source of food and income for millions of people. Despite their immense social, cultural, and economic value, understanding of lake fisheries is very limited, particularly in Africa, Asia, and South America, where few data are available....
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