ODFW Recreation Report Highlights


#OptOutside on black Friday
#OptOutside on black Friday, Nov. 24, with the help of FREE FISHING. On Friday and Saturday (Nov.25) you won’t need a license, tag or endorsement to fish, crab or clam anywhere in Oregon that’s open to fishing. Check the weekly Recreation Report, and follow us on social media to learn more about upcoming opportunities.

Best bets for free fishing Nov. 24 and 25
Several waterbodies are being stocked with trout in time for the holiday weekend; early returning winter steelhead are making their presence known. Check this week’s reports to find the best opportunities near you.

Cold, wet forecasts brighten duck hunting prospects
Several wildlife areas report good habitat conditions with plenty of water, and increasing numbers of migrant birds arriving. Add a little blustery weather and hunters have a good recipe for duck hunting success. Check out the waterfowl and upland bird harvest statistics at ODFW wildlife areas.

There’s still time to take a friend hunting
Hunters have until the end of the year to enter the “Take a Friend Hunting” contest. For veteran hunters who want to pass on their passion for the outdoors, this is the year to take that friend hunting—and enter to win a prize for your efforts. Find more details about how to participate.

Thanksgiving steelhead
Thanksgiving marks the traditional beginning of winter steelhead season on the coast, but some early returning hatchery fish already have been caught. With fishing conditions improving in many places by the weekend, anglers should add fishing to their holiday plans.

Find regulation updates in the Recreation Report
You’ll now find fishing regulation updates on the new website at the top of each Fishing Report in the Recreation Report.