Catching Trout despite freakish storm

Once the storm passed bite began to return
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

My client Earl an I were able to wait out a freakish rain, lightening and thunder storm that moved in directly over our heads, while out on the lake, yesterday, but after it passed Earl caught an released 10 fat Shasta lake trout.

All the Trout were in the 3 to 4 pound class all fat and full of shad. Once the weather settle the bite improved as the day went on. The crazy weather moved the Trout up and down water column. We caught fish near the surface and as deep as 90 feet. All the Trout were caught while trolling Sep's Dodgers and Shad imitation trailers lathered in Pro-Cure Carpspit. 

Video from yesterday's trip

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