Eureka Halibut

Frank of Shasta Lake on left, and brother Don of Bella Vista. Don managed the gaff and pulled the fish over rail. The halibut estimated weight was 98 lbs. There was no room left in the boat to put their feet.
Photo Credit: Frank Galusha

by Kenny Priest

“After being tied up at the dock for a few days, we finally got back on the water Tuesday,” said Skipper Tim Klassen of Reel Steel Sport Fishing. “The halibut are still biting; we hooked four and landed three, so the fishing is still pretty good. There’s also lots of petrale and sand dabs around as well. Inside Humboldt Bay, a lot more bait has started to show up and the California halibut action is starting to improve. It looks like we may have some decent weather ahead. Other than Thursday, the ocean looks to be fishable through at least Saturday.”

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