Jack and Jill had a collision…

Accidents happen when you least expect them. (Stock Photo)

by Don Stec

I’ll call them “Jack & Jill”; they were the cutest young couple. I would guess they were about 20 years old, plus or minus. They were recently married and had just started to make a life together. Unfortunately one of their first lessons was to experience a motor vehicle collision…leading to a life style completely different than they had planned.

They sat in the waiting room of our shop waiting for the tow truck to deliver their collision damaged car. It was still obvious they were in a honeymoon mode as their arms were wrapped around each other the entire time. Often they spoken in unison and both would finish each other’s comments.

While we waited, they spoke excitingly about their future and how they had it all planned out. They felt they had all the answers to their life together.

Their goal was to be debt free all their lives. They would save their money and pay cash for their first home; as they did for their first car. They said when they got married, they got mostly cash for gifts. Then their parents pitched in and paid the difference for a new car for a wedding gift.

“We both work and save every cent except for food and shelter and necessities. What we saved by not getting insurance on the new car will quickly add up toward buying our first home”. One or the other said. Or was it said in unison?

“You mean you don’t have insurance on a new car I blurted out.”

“Well yes we do, but just the minimum required to be legal,” Jill replied. “We are both excellent drivers so we didn’t feel we needed collision coverage,” said Jack, finishing Jill’s comment. “The savings will allow us to buy our first home years earlier”, Jill repeated.

Just then I saw the tow truck arrive with the car in tow. It had extensive damage. It looked like it may be a total loss. They picked up their personal belongings from the vehicle. I told them I would call as soon as I had put an estimate together. Inspection of the vehicle confirmed my fears: the vehicle was a total loss.

I called their phone number, Jack answered. I gave him the bad news. He had just received more bad news. The other drivers Insurance Company determined that their policy holder was the primary cause of the collision, but Jack was partly to blame for the collision so they would not cover Jack’s car.

Since Jack & Jill did not have collision coverage on their vehicle it was not covered for replacement by their Insurance Company.

Jack had not established credit because he paid cash for the car and the parents could not help again.

Jack sold the car for salvage, for less than one thousand dollars. Collisions are called accidents: because no matter how good a driver is…accidents happen.

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