Klamath River Fish Report for 1-1-2011

by Scott Caldwell

I spent the last week of 2010 fishing with my son Conner and my Dad. The weather has been downright frigid making the fishing conditions pretty tough. Wind, rain, snow and temperatures below 32, have the Klamath River running pretty cold, as in 40 degree cold. We did all our fishing between the hours of 11:30am and 4pm, while trying to take advantage of the warmest part of the day. Conner and my Dad landed Steelhead in the 2 to 5 pound range on a variety of methods: crawdad plugs, hotshot worm combo, rapalas, spinners, and swinging a zonker on a sinking fly line. The common factor in all these methods was back trolling as slow as possible while working in a crossing pattern from one shoreline to the other. Happy New Year and may this year of 2011 be a great year for you all, Fish On!!

**Video link - Steelhead caught on the crawdad plug** 

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