Klamath River Fish Report for 10-16-2010

by Scott Caldwell

Fishing the last 4 days on the upper Klamath River has been pretty good for Salmon. My clients have been hooking up to a dozen Salmon per trip and landing around 50% of them. The last couple of mornings the kwikfish bite has been good but it slowed today and my guys had to work hard to put 4 fish in the boat. The bite as of today was much better early in morning vs. the afternoon. We are have been seeing the bigger bucks starting to show up over the last few days as evidence by the number of bucks we have been landing and the their size. My client Stanley Green landed the biggest Salmon of the season on Wednesday (41 inch, 30 pound Buck) while bouncing roe and yesterday Nick landed a 39 inch 26 pound buck back trolling a kwikfish. Usually, when we start to these bigger bucks the Salmon run slows down but today all the Salmon we put in the boat were hens and most of the Salmon we lost were hens, so odd are we have at least another week of Salmon fishing on the upper Klamath but like last year we could get a fresh run of fish and have good fishing till November.