Klamath River Fish Report for 2-21-2010

by Scott Caldwell

All the elements for a great day on the river came together yesterday. The Sun was out all day reaching 55 degrees allowing us to fish until dusk. We were one 3 boats on the river, but we were able to fish in near isolation, from start to finish. The Steelhead finally woke up from their winter slumber, allowing us to land 7 nice fish, each one putting up a good battle, on our ultra light 6 pound gear. We got bit using a variety of methods throughout the day; flies under an indicator, back trolling the crawdad plug, and bouncing a threaded night crawler on the bottom. The key to getting bit was fishing each area slow and making multiple passes thru each hole or slot. The Steely Trout were much friskier when we made solid hook ups, we had 4 Steelhead that broke water shook their heads and spit our offerings back at us. At the end of the day that is what we all ask for when we go fishing; good weather, biting fish, and excellent company.