Klamath River Fish Report for 10-2-2009

by Scott Caldwell

It was a good day for frst time salmon fisherwoman Dianna and second time salmon fisherman Kevin. Dianna and Kevin (San Jose, Ca) were novices when it came to learning the art of bouncing roe for Salmon, but by days end, both had a fair grasp of the technique, and limits of Salmon for their efforts. Dianna and Kevin went 7 for 10 but also had numerous bites, that left their hooks bare. Salmon are pretty thick and very easy to catch right now, even for a first timer. That is the great thing about fishing the Klamath river, you do not have to wait around all day to get a bite. Your day is measured by how many bites you get and how many solid hook ups you end up with. A  limit of Salmon (2 adults 22 inches and over and one jack under 22 inches) is not hard to get although the small jacks are harder to come by than the adults.