Klamath River Fish Report for 9-27-2009

by Scott Caldwell

I’d quit all my jobs if every time I made a hopeful statement it came true. Yesterday, I asked for double our numbers and half the temperature rise, for today. When I picked up Stanley this morning his wife was not feeling well and was not able to fish. I figured double the fish count was not possible. HAHA!! Not only did Stanley catch fire after a slow start, we were also blessed with half the temperature rise. It stayed rather cool on the river (high 70’s), until we were done fishing, and Stanley landed 11 out of 17 Salmon. With most activities, it’s not how you start, but how you finish, and we started 1 for 6 today, not a very good percentage. After that slow start, Stanley caught fire, and landed 9 in row before number 10 decided to let go, right as I picked up the net. The herring tree hole was the hot spot today it produced the best number of fish, by far this season. Stanley landed 7 straight Salmon and was 8 for 9 in the herring tree hole alone. Every fish today was hooked while bouncing roe and all the Salmon were hens in the 10 to 16 pound range. Stanley and hopefully his wife will be back at it tomorrow, and perhaps we can improve upon today totals.