Klamath River Fish Report for 9-26-2009

by Scott Caldwell

I picked up my client Stanley Green this morning at half past dark (which is just short of dark 30). The morning temperature was around 45 degrees (shorts and tee-shirt for me); we dropped the boat in the water and drifted down to the first hole as the sun came up (6:30 am). Well, 45 degrees later (11:30 am) we had 9 Salmon hook ups, landing 8 of them, we were a perfect 7 for 7, then number 8 decided to let go just short of the net. It always amazes me how a fish will stay on the hook for 5 to 30 minutes and then just as your about to land it, he or she lets go, and of course every fish that does this always jumps out of the water and gives you the fin salute HAHA!! We had good success at in the morning on K-15 kwikfish, landing the first 3 Salmon on this plug. We had a few other hard strikes but no solids hook ups. After the plug bite turned off, we hooked on 6 more Salmon while bouncing roe along the bottom. Stanley and his wife will be on the boat tomorrow, so hopefully, we will have twice the hook ups and half the temperature rise. (70’s and no fire smoke would be nice)

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***click on the photo link to see today catch***