Klamath River Fish Report for 9-25-2009

by Scott Caldwell

Dad and I hit the river for a few hours this morning and slammed 4 out 5 Salmon. We had our K-15 kwikfish in the water for maybe 5 minutes, backtrolling down the river into the first hole, and slamola, Mr. Buck buried that rod tip in the water. After a short battle he was netted and released, what great way to start the morning. We changed over, shortly there after, to bouncing roe, and nailed 4 more Salmon, landing three of them. All the fish were nice good looking fat hens, the biggest weighing 16 pounds. These fish are frisky and fighting hard, almost like Steelhead at times, making hard runs and jumping out of the water. You know they are pretty fresh when they do that.

 ***Click the photo link to see today's catch***