Klamath River Fish Report for 4-15-2009

by Scott Caldwell

The Klamath River is hot for half-pound Steelhead and Native Trout, with a few adults mixed in. Sunday, my son Conner and I, hit the river for 4 hours, in the late afternoon and landed 12 Steely-Trout, the largest reaching 20 inches. On Tuesday, my clients Everett and Mike landed 22 out of 30 plus hook-ups, the largest reaching 16-17 inches. All the Steely-Trout were caught while back-trolling, either a Rebel crawdad plug or a Hotshot worm combo. The weather has been all over the place for the last six weeks; from sunny and 70 degrees to 29 degrees and snowy. Wind has been the biggest factor over the same time period, and it has been making it difficult to fish. Monday, I took Everett and Mike to Lake Siskiyou and when we arrived at 7:30, the lake was glass, but within 30 minutes the wind started picking up. We worked the lake pretty hard trying to locate the Trout, but by mid-afternoon we had only 5 bites, landing two nice 18 inch Trout (Trolling Gold Sep’s dodgers with a worm trailer).  The wind was gusting, at times, up to 20 miles an hour, making it difficult to fish, the lake had also turned over in the last few days, leaving lots of floating debris. Needless to say, Monday was not ideal fishing conditions, but it was Sunny and we did not get skunked. We did get some great photos of Mount Shasta and we watched a Bald Eagle beat up a Turkey Vulture then take its lunch.  

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