Klamath River Fish Report for 1-5-2009

by Scott Caldwell

Winter Steehead season must be here; cause over the last 20 days, the weather has been crappy, freezing cold temperatures (0-32 degrees) with wind rain and snow mixed in. Frozen boats parts, iced up guides, numb fingers and toes would keep most normal people inside near the fire, but not a Winter Steelhead fisherman. Anyone who has met a Winter Steelheader would surely agree, there is something not quite right about a person, who gets excited about nearly freezing body parts off, just so he or she can catch a fish. The Winter Steelhead is not just any fish. I call them fresh water Tuna with a bit of Marlin mixed in. The reason being is they put on one hell of a fight when you hook them, long drag burning runs and ariel displays that get your heart racing. Yesterday, 10-year-old Delaney joined the ranks of the Winter Steelheader, as she landed a nice 3 1/2 pounder on a hotshot/worm combo. It was not much after that Gary her Dad landed his first od the day, on a crawdad plug. The weather was cold and ugly on Sunday but that is the norm for this time of year. Dad and daughter had a good day as they landed two more adult Steehead in the 5 to 6 pound class and only lost one other fish. The hookups where spread out throughout the day but the quality of the fish was excellent.

****Click on the picture link below to see Sunday's catch****