Klamath river - Bent rod smiles

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

Bent rods and big smiles,  Scott and Vern finished that extra February day strong with a double digit effort, a  slowly back trolled 3.0 Pro Cure anchovy lathered Maglip was the hot lure of afternoon, nothing better than seeing that Citowrap rod slamming takedown and hearing that clicker drag ripping out! It gets the heart pumping hard every time.

On the 28th the husband wife team of Chris and Gina put on quite casting battle. The Carpspit rapala was the lure of choice and did the trick. Gina took first and biggest fish honors while Chris took most honors. Loosing out at the minute to the slack monster was tough Chris now has that big fish that git away story to tell. Haha. Only good times and fun on the river!!

Hello March, time for more fishing fun. Scott

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