Finishing 2019 with a Steely Bite

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

2019 has been a great year on water and the Klamath continues to treat my clients and I so very well. Yesterday, was just another example of a good fish catching peaceful fun day on the river.

My client Tim caught fish on a few different methods, back trolling bait, back trolling Maglips and side drift casting Rapalas. All offerings were of course coated in one of my favorite scents, good old Pro-Cure Carpspit. I have to say, I simply had to have that scent for the name alone. It caught my eye at the ISE Expo in Sacramento some years ago and made me think back to my Pub owner days. I wish I had made a drink or shot called Carpspit, cause as many in the bar world know the drink name sells!! HAHA

With that said, it is a great scent and has worked well for me. Well back to the river, Tim had a great day catching and releasing many nice hard fighting fish. We did not see another boat around us all day and the sun even came out later in the day. One cannot ask for a more peaceful way to spend a day, floating down an uncrowded river catching fish and enjoying the wildlife and scenery.

Have a SAFE New Years tonight and Happy 2020! l looking forward to another fishing catching year on the Lakes and Rivers.

The International Sportsman Expo in Sacramento at the Cal Expo is a just a couple weeks away Jan 16 -19th. Once again, I will be in my same Booth 2111 in Building C, come see me and let's put together a fishing trip for 2020.

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