Fall and Winter Steelhead Fishing

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

Fall fishing in the morning Winter storm fishing the rest of the day #crazyweather .

11/26/19 - Today, began like many of the previous Fall days on the Klamath River, Chris landed a beautiful fish right off the bat. Then Mother Nature decided it needed to be Winter, and boy did she let it rip. Klamath Winter Steelheading begun in a matter minutes. Chris and his son Cody, made the best of it and caught some nice fish anyway! Getting the boat out of water was a classic, ya kinda had to be there, but let's just say good thing I had tow straps and 4 wheel drive. I was not getting close enough to pull the boat out of water without becoming one of those trucks at the boat ramp under water memes  hahaha!! 
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