Eagle Lake Conditions

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Eagle Lake Fishing

by Valerie Aubrey

Skim ice starting to show up in spalding ramp but it’s workable until it’s not. Lol. High temps of the day 49-54F & a light breeze overnight will help keep it working. 19F this morning, warmer than the last 2days at 7F & 15F respectively. It is just a matter of time. The skim ice can come and go too as well as melt out by mid to late morning. Eagle Lake marina low water ramp good to go. Any ramp can get icy. Common cold temp problems for boats: outboards, pee tube frozen. Boats on carpeted trailer bunks freeze to the carpet. Especially launching back to back days. Hang on, don’t keep backing down the boat, might take a minute. Lol. We haven’t even gotten real cold yet!! — in Spalding Tract, California.