Christmas Birthday Steelhead

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

12/25/18 - One cool thing about my boy Conner growing up is he can row me down the river and I get to fish a little now. Hahaha 

What better time to take advantage of that skill then on my birthday which just happens to be on Christmas. After a relaxing family Christmas morning Conner an I hit the river to test out some new rods and reels. Got to make sure they work right right hahahaha

Conner did not disappoint,  he put me on a fantastic 24 inch Klamath Steelhead while back trolling a 3.0 Maglips lathered in Pro-Cure Carpspit. This hard fighting jumping fish put up a nice battle but in the end it had to pose for a nice photo before we released her back into the river.

Enjoy the VIDEO 

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