Trout Meat you can't beat Lake Siskiyou

Day 2 the Bob and Tom fishing show continues my sides still hurt from fishing banter
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

It was day 2 with Bob and Tom on Lake Siskiyou and we decided to target Brook and Brown Trout. On day 1 we caught over 40 fish most of which were Rainbow Trout. Over the 2 days the guys were catching keeping releasing casting downriggers flies side planners and the kitchen sink, you get the idea we caught a lot of fantastic Trout. These are some of the best eating Trout in Northern California and part of the reason we chose to target the Brookies and Browns on day 2. Bob Tom and I all agreed that these two fish taste better. Lake Siskiyou did not disappoint as we put together a tasty stringer of Brookies with a sprinkle of Brown and Rainbows. We literally had the Lake to ourselves checkout the pictures and video and you can see. The weather was mild for Winter last year we had crazy snow at this same time and could not fish. Come and take advantage of this gorgeous fishery it will continue fish well all Winter. 

Trout Meat you can't beat VIDEO 

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