That Winter Addiction is here

Is your heart pumping yet?
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

Yesterday, I took a break from chasing big Shasta Lake trout, and spent a few late afternoon hours drifting the Upper Klamath for Winter Steelhead. As expected the Winter Steelhead are here and hungry.  Casting a Pro-Cure Carpspit rapala produced some smashing strikes and solid hook ups. These Winter Steelhead once hooked put up quite a battle. They often on initial hook up jump clean out of water and then the fun begins. Running at you away from you rolling and head shaking all in an effort to free themselves. This is what all Winter Steelhead fisherman live for and why they are willing to fish in worst weather conditions Mother Nature can provide.  I can tell you fellow Winter Steelhead fisherman that my Steelhead blood was pumping for a few hours. The Klamath river is ready to provide that Winter addiction.
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Merry Fishmas!