Saturday Steelhead action catch it!!

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

This past Saturday the Klamath river produced Steelhead firsts. Sean brought his buddy Ken and Kens 11 year old daughter Emma up for some Saturday Steelhead action and the Klamath did  not disappoint. Everyone was smiling by the end the day after catching and releasing some hard fighting Klamath Steelhead. Sidedrift casting rapalas dipped in Pro-Cure Carpspit and backtrolled garden hackles got all our fish to bite. When these fish bite they bite with hard. The weather is changing to typical Upper Klamath Steelhead weather meaning cold! Time to put on the extra layers and gloves cause it is real Winter Steelhead time, freezing temps cold fingers and biting fish. With that said Sean Ken and Emma kicked some Klamath butt and caught fish despite the finger numbing cold checkout the pictures and video and click on the booking calendar to get in on the action. 

VIDEO from yesterdays trip 

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