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Winter on the Upper Klamath River, Siskiyou County
Anglers drift-fish this river daily in fall and winter often in widely fluctuating weather.


Calm seas provide plenty of offshore options
Kenny Priest
by Kenny Priest, AUGUST 3, 2017

Eureka Coast

Rockfish, Pacific halibut, tuna, and even salmon. It’s been an arduous wait, but we finally have a variety of offshore options to choose from along the North Coast. And a pretty nice ocean to boot. The Pacific halibut season opened back up on Tuesday, but the ocean and the halibut weren’t fully cooperating for the Eureka boats. They were reportedly...
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ODFW Weekly Recreational Report
by ODFW, AUGUST 3, 2017

Be on the lookout for gray whales! Gray whales are always a treat to see and can often be spotted off the central and south coasts.It is common for gray whales to migrate to and from summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea, passing by the Oregon coast. In addition, there is a summer resident group that hangs out in the...
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Hot Days, Dangerous Hotter Car Interiors
Before and After
by Don Stec, AUGUST 2, 2017

There are many stories in the news today about tragedies that occur when children and pets are left in cars on hot days.  The advice given is very general; “It’s going to be hot today, and the interior of a car could get to 120 degrees, don’t leave children and pets inside the vehicle unattended.”  It seems obvious there has...
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Lake Sabrina Fish Report
by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff, JULY 31, 2017
Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing 760-873-7425 July 31, 2017 WATCH OUT FOR DEER! Think it was the last vacation hoorah for many families this past week and weekend before school starts in a couple of weeks – can you believe it? Had a few ThunderBoomers here and there – mostly there as we only got rain on Thursday, but could see it falling all around...
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CDFW August Calendar of Events
by CDFW, JULY 31, 2017

Various Days — Bat Talk and Walk at Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, various times, 45211 County Road 32B (Chiles Road), Davis (95618). Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is home to approximately 250,000 Mexican free-tailed bats. From mid-June to mid-September the Yolo Basin Foundation provides a program for people to learn about bats and watch the colony fly. Reservations are required. To register,...
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Fall salmon season - Aug. 1 with mixed forecasts
by ODFW, JULY 31, 2017
Columbia River

The popular Buoy 10 fishery at the mouth of the Columbia River opens on Tuesday, Aug. 1 with a mixed forecast for Chinook, coho and steelhead returns. The biggest change for the 2017 fall season are restrictions on steelhead retention which include area-specific, 1-2 month steelhead retention closures and a one steelhead bag limit when retention is allowed.  Facing low expected returns of upriver summer steelhead,...
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