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Shasta Valley Wildlife Area, Siskiyou County
The dark spot at the base of gill plate distinguishes this species from other panfish.


California agencies combatting the spread of invasive quagga and zebra mussels remind boaters to remain cautious over Labor Day weekend. Quagga and zebra mussels are invasive freshwater mussels native to Eurasia. They multiply quickly, encrust watercraft and infrastructure, alter water quality and the aquatic food web and ultimately impact native and sport fish communities. These mussels spread from one body of...
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Lake Sabrina Fish Report
by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff, AUGUST 28, 2017
Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing 760-873-7425 August 28, 2017 WATCH OUT FOR DEER! Don’t forget that jacket! FREE FISHING DAY – Saturday, September 2, 2017 It was a wildlife kinda week and weekend at the Lake. A few deer came to water at the Lake and even took the small trail up to the store. Had a bear cruise thru the parking lot leaving his calling card...
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Drifting bait for King salmon
by Jeff Goodwin, AUGUST 28, 2017
Sacramento River

The 2017 Sacramento River King salmon season is underway and things are looking pretty good for this year's return.  We heard all the doom and gloom from fisheries managers this spring and the general consensus was that we would see a smaller run than we did last year.  As this years ocean salmon season began, the charter boat fleet found...
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ODFW has confirmed four livestock depredations by the Meacham Wolf Pack of Umatilla County this month, all to the same livestock producer in the same privately-owned pasture. This is despite dedicated and substantial proactive non-lethal efforts to stop wolf-livestock conflict. The producer has removed dead livestock carcasses from the property the same day they were discovered; monitored and removed animals that...
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Directions, are they dependable?
Trinity River Fishing
by E.B. Duggan, AUGUST 26, 2017

Trinity River

It appears that one using “On Star”, “Google” or “I Phone” DOES NOT always get the correct directions. If you are going to use their directions to reach Del Loma or Willow Creek by way of Hwy 299, I Phone, On Star and Google tell you that Hwy 299 is closed, and to use alternate route Hwy 36 to Hwy...
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Local Creates Unique Salmon Spinners
Southern Oregon
by Larry Ellis, AUGUST 26, 2017

Crescent City Coast

Anybody who has fished for salmon in the Rogue Bay knows the ins and outs of the spinnerbait/anchovy rig, the stalwart trolling setup for Rogue Bay fall Chinook. What they might not know is that one of the employees of Jot's resort has been hand-painting spinner blades for the aforementioned rig for years. "I paint spinner blades, I tie spinners and...
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